My morning ritual

This week's video is all about starting your day off right.☀️🙌🏼 In it, I share my morning routine and the little things I do that add up to a lot of positive energy for my day. You will also get to meet my cat, Lily! 😻

Mornings are when I happen to have the most time since I teach yoga at lunch and in the evenings. If your mornings are crazy busy (as I'm sure is the case for most of you!) keep in mind that any of these practices can be done at anytime throughout the day. Some don't require any time at all - just a shift in mind frame!

What are your daily self care rituals and how do you incorporate them into your day? Please share in the comments below!

#lifestyle #rituals #routine #healthylifestyle #positivethinking #positivenergy #gratitude #selfcare

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