Yoga Words: Namaste

Every yoga class I teach ends with us all pressing our hands together at the heart in prayer and saying, "Namaste" as we bow our heads to the ground in a sign of honour and respect. When I have new students in the class, I often take a few moments to explain the word so they don't feel like they've ended up in some religious sect, forced to speak in tongues.

These muppets make an entertaining attempt at interpreting the word Namaste.

Namaste is a sanskrit greeting that says, "Hey, I might not always agree with everything you say and I don't always like the way you act, but I recognize that we're more alike than we are different. I honour the place of peace, love and truth in you that is the same in me."

I find this poem (author unknown) says it best.

After one such class, a student walked up to me and said, "You know, for three months now, I thought you were saying, "Have a nice day" at the end of class. Namaste is so much more meaningful - thanks for clarifying."

Namaste y'all. ;)

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